Quote Plugin step by step

Quote Plugin is a simple way of adding of the Textomate word counter into your web site. The widget will have all features Textomate has, including the word counting for all supported file formats. What is more you are able to customize and set up additional features specific for your needs.

Widget that was released in March 2017 may make bringing new clients and orders even more easily. Potential work can be estimated in advance, save your time and make you and a client to be on the same page.

To start using it you do not need to be a programmer or web designer, Textomate did work for you. What is more you get the feature for free. You can make your clients order translation directly from your site based on count of words (spaces) in the huge number of supported by Textomate file formats.

  1. Go to the Quote Plugin page https://textomate.com/quote/ and press button called “Start using now”.

  2. On the next page you either able to log in or create a new account

  3. From now you have your own version of online word counter powered by Textomate. It can be placed on your web site any place you want.

    But let’s customize your widget first

  4. List of language pairs.

    You can easily just in a few click fill out the list of language pairs you work with and specify price per word for each pair.

  5. Some additional cost can be added to the estimate depends of the industry or type of work on the screen called “Features”.

    Mentioned parameters will influent to the final price by following formula.

    Just go to the preview page and take a look on a result, you will get specified list of languages, services and industries. Also you can try uploading of files in order to observer how online word counter will behave on your web site.

  6. Embedding. What can be easier?

    You simply need to copy and paste iframe html tag into your website html source. Please contact us if you need any help we would be glad to help you.

  7. Multiply languages support.

    Textomate Quote Plugin supports number of languages: English, Spain, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Ukrainian.

    By default user plugin’s language depends on user’s local configuration but you can also specify language directly by API lang parameter.

    <iframe src='https://textomate.com/a/plugin/22222222/es width='1000' height='1000' frameBorder='0'></iframe>

    <iframe src='https://textomate.com/a/plugin/22222222/ru width='1000' height='1000' frameBorder='0'></iframe>

Sincerely yours Textomate team