We like it!

Textomate is one of nicest and easiest of web facilities to use in recent times. Drag and drop a text onto the webpage and before you can draw breath, you have a full word, line, page, and character count. It is as nifty as a feature as they come! Well done, Alex and Dmytro!

It goes without saying that if this free facility is of such quality, your other services must be equally as good!

Michael J McCann, InfoMarex Translations, Celbridge

When I first contacted Zentaly I was desperate for one single solution that seemed to be rare and hard to acquire online and it seemed even harder to implement. I even looked at paid services and none of them provided what I was looking for.

I sent an email to Zentaly after I found their details on a forum and to be honest I was just hoping for a clue or a piece of advice but what followed made me feel so lucky to find these guys.

Their service is human and friendly which made me feel positive about finding what I'm looking for. I dealt with Alexander and his attention to details is outstanding. He's a very reliable person and he even thinks about the scenarios that no one else thinks about. The way he evaluates a process made me rethink and improve my ideas. Alex suggested more potential improvements on our process and website and I am definitely looking forward to whatever he will bring to our company.

Aziz Ben Soltana, GlobalCitizens, London